Welcome to Parenting!

The birth of your baby begins a whole new experience of life. Each baby comes into the world with their own unique way of being. Learning about your baby's needs is an ever-changing, fluid process with many joys and challenges along the way.

As an Early Parenting Educator for over thirty years I have worked with many families helping them with parenting questions, especially regarding sleep, feeding and behavior of their children under three. I draw upon my background in early childhood education and development, postpartum and infantcare, and my experience parenting three daughters as I work with each family. I offer guidance and suggestions with respect for each baby's unique way of being, as well as each parents'. Helping parents find solutions to early parenting issues that makes the most sense for them has been at the heart of my career all these years.

My Early Parenting Support Services is founded on the belief that well researched information, resources, community, and compassionate support helps parents feel more confident, relaxed, and more connected to their children. When parents are supported, they can better understand and appreciate the joys and challenges children experience while growing up.

Contact me with questions or to set up an appointment. I look forward to providing you and your family with care and information you need during your early parenting journey.

Elizabeth Green
Early Parenting Educator
Sleep Consultant
Infant & Toddler Specialist
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