Home Visits: Meet In The Comfort of Your Home

Home visits allow me to provide you with the support you and your family need in your own environment. By coming to your home I am able to see where your baby sleeps, and how you have your space set up, which gives me valuable information in helping you strategize on what will work best in creating a workable sleep plan. It gives us a chance to go through your baby's waking to sleeping cycle so I can see what happens while you are helping your baby with sleep.

Sleep is precious, especially with a baby in the house! I want to give you realistic expectations depending on your baby's age and stage. I encourage you to listen to your baby so you start to understand what your baby is communicating while making sounds, crying or fussing. I do not believe in letting a baby cry for extended periods of time unattended, however, I have seen babies who fuss and cry while in an unwinding process as they get ready for sleep. I do not believe babies should be left to cry on their own especially before 4 months, and certainly not if a baby is screaming in terror at any age.

That said, I want to help you not be afraid of your crying baby. I like to think of this process as sleep teaching, both for you and the baby. I do not believe this is a quick fix process. It takes time to learn.

Issues commonly covered:

  • How to help a baby transition from sleeping with a parent to their own crib or bed
  • The age and stage a baby typically stops feeding at night
  • How many naps a baby needs and how long they typically sleep at each nap and at night
  • The age a baby no longer needs to be swaddled
  • Ways to soothe a fussy or tired baby
Each Home Visit includes:
  • Consult lasting approx. 2 hours.
  • Email outlining our visit with a plan to implement
  • Ongoing follow up phone calls
  • text and email support

Please contact me for rates.

Home Visits are offered throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Packages available upon request. Try my popular 4 visit package-it is a great way to support a sleep change!

Phone Consults are also available for Sleep Support. Please see the Phone Consults page.

See my blog for information on my current groups and talks.

If finances are an issue, Please let me know. We can work something out.

DISCLAIMER: Elizabeth Green's Early Parenting Consultations are for educational purposes only and are not meant as medical advice. All spoken and written suggestions are used at each parents' discretion

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