Comments From My Clients:

With my partner and I not having family close by, as new parents we struggled with the overload. Elizabeth's counsel and wisdom made us better parents. Sharing her knowledge and experience, gave us the support and encouragement we needed. Initially Elizabeth was our wonderful and supportive mom-baby group facilitator, giving practical and useful advice. Now, I regularly consult with Elizabeth by phone, about parenting strategies and struggles. Elizabeth gives me the best of both worlds: her own feelings and advice for what has worked for her and the other families she supports, plus the knowledge and expertise from her many years as an early childhood educator. We are truly thankful to have found Elizabeth. 
I called Elizabeth as an infant care consultant to help me with my 1 week old daughter. She called nearly every night, came to the house weekly giving me well needed reassurance and advice to help me cope with those first weeks of new motherhood. After I returned to work, we were blessed to have her as an infant/toddler care provider for both my children. Elizabeth has been an amazing role model for my kids and myself. She taught me how to connect and bond with my children. She has changed our lives for the better and our family will be forever grateful to her.
Thanks so much for your help. You are an amazing resource and I appreciate all the insight and advice.
Elizabeth is the most amazing infant specialist who has been there for us since my son was 3 weeks old (he is currently 9 months old). For our first visit, she came over to our house and helped me understand my baby more, his sleep and eating patterns, his general development, and reminded me to take care of myself. She is so gentle, genuine and really catered to my individual needs. She was able to share some of her own experiences as a mother and really made me feel like a normal mother. Elizabeth knows every aspect of babies from sleeping, eating, development, and more. I check in with her about every 2-3 months and she is always so responsive to my calls and emails and makes herself available for me every time. I can count on her when times get tough and/or when my baby goes through his normal developmental milestones to always give me advice and guide me in the right direction that works for our family. We love Elizabeth! .
I think you've just been so helpful to us, even at getting us on the same page with our sleep plan. I appreciate it so much! I'm glad to hear you're going to help more families too. I like your approach so much, you really listen to what's going on and what we (as new parents) are capable of and helped us figure things out.